12 April, 2010

Day Five

Sunday was hard because I was at home alone most of the day with pretty much nothing to do. Not because I was hungry; I wasn't. I was just bored. I kept pacing and wanting to make a recipe; but I didn't. So I read a lot, and started some beans on their sprouting adventure. They should be ready in a couple of days... but it didn't register that they were mixed beans until after I started them soaking, so they technically won't be mono-mealing, but hey, sprouts is sprouts, no?

I started the day with sole, as usual, and then I had some Wheat Grass Juice. I have been growing wheat grass in my window, but it wasn't tall enough; I think it is not warm enough yet for it to really grow well. But I cut the whole tray and put it through my new Hurom juicer. Then I put the pulp through again. Then I tasted it. Bleccch! I'm just not used to that much GREEN! So I juiced an apple to mix with it. That was actually quite good. Just not mono-mealing... But I got lots of clorophyll, and I know how good that is for my bod. A while later I had some raisins that I had dehydrated myself. They were big, fat, juicy grapes, and it took 48 hours to dehydrate them, and some of them were still quite juicy. By 11:00 I was ready for some strawberries, and at 1:00 I had some more green leaf lettuce. At 2:30 I finished that jicama, and went off to church. When I returned, I had a zucchini and finished off the day with an avocado. Oh, yeah, and the scale was down another 1.75 pounds. Yesssss!

Now, I know that a lot of people actually LIKE straight wheat grass juice, so it just might be that I will come to like it as well. I will definitely keep it up.

So now, it is Monday, and after stretching a bit, and drinking my sole, I put some red grapes through the juicer, and had a most delicious grape juice to start my day. Later I had a half a cantaloupe -- my first for the season -- I love melons. And we need to be sure to eat melons alone. Of all the fruits, they go through the stomach lickety-split, so you don't want to mix it with other things or they will just hold up the process. At 10:00 I had some really yummy blackberries, and at noon some Romaine. Do you know how to make Love Salad? "Lettuce Alone!" HaHa! I am really getting used to that, and enjoying it. 2:00 a tomato, 4:00 a cuke; and at 6 an avocado.

I am really happy with this; I have been cleansing even more than before. If I feel hungry between snacks, I drink distilled water. Oftentimes dehydration can make us feel hungry, when we are actually thirsty. Try that sometime; when you know you have eaten enough, realize that those hunger pangs might just be thirst, and have a glass or two of filtered water. I bet you will be surprised at the results.

Okey-dokey; that's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow...

10 April, 2010

Day Three

Third day: Awoke with the slightest hint of a headache, but didn't do anything; it went away after I started to move around. I had released two pounds since yesterday morning. [BIG Grin]

As usual, I started the day with stretching exercises, then had a glass of sole. That's pronounced "solay" and it means "sea" because it is salty water, like the sea. Our adult bodies are approximately 70% salty water; the earth is 70% sea water.

So on to breakfast: I had the three remaining ripe bananas -- they were spotted like an ocelot, but still firm and sweet and very good; then some grapes. After that an apple, then a tomato. In a few minutes I will be having a cucumber, then some green leaf lettuce, 1 cup of diced jicama (it was a big one, and I need to eat it, and it still tastes good to me). After that I will have a couple of carrots and an avocado. That seems to me like a lot of food during the day, but I am definitely not stuffing myself, and I am feeling great!

More Monday; have a great weekend.

Peas and Hominy,

09 April, 2010

21 days of Mono-Meals

So... Yesterday I started on 21-days of mono-meals. It is explained here. I have been vegan for about three years, now, and mostly raw for most of that. I have released 70 pounds and have made great improvements in my health. But when I saw this, I thought I could improve more, at least for three weeks. So I took the plunge, and decided to do it.

I can see that it will not be particularly easy, at least not at first. For one thing, I am a saltaholic. But I know I can make improvements there, if I try. Secondly, I do have to prepare food for others from time to time, and will be sorely tempted to partake of those things, too. On the other hand, I can just eat the same thing one at a time, rather than mixed, and still be ok. However, I know that I am going to really enjoy being able to taste the food in its pure, unadulterated state, which most of us have not done for a very long time. I am looking forward to the adventure...

Now, I usually start my day with a lemon-ginger blast and a green smoothie, however, those are not mono-meals, so I will have to forego them for these three weeks, and get back to it when this is done. I think I will really miss them.

So yesterday, I started with sole. Then I had a couple of ripe bananas. They tasted really good to me. I took a gallon of water to work with me, so I could stay hydrated throughout the day, but with all the fruit I planned to eat, I probably would not need that much. At noon I had a couple of large organic Delicious apples. I usually salt my apples -- yeah, I know -- but I did not, and you know, they really were Delicious. Later I had some tomatoes, after that, some lettuce -- now that was strange without anything else, and without dressing, but it was oddly tasty. I think I could get used to it. A bit later I had some cubed jicama, and that was so crispy, juicy and sweet, I couldn't imagine eating it any other way... After a while I had an avocado, and lastly, some almonds that I had soaked and dehydrated. I really ate an enormous amount of food, but come this morning, I had released 3/4 pound. :-)

You may notice that I started with fruit and worked toward more heavy things throughout the day. That is because fruit goes through the digestive system very quickly, and heavier things take longer. So if you put the heavier things in first, they block the way of the lighter things, and can cause gas and bloating. That would not be fun.

So it was a good day food-wise. I did have a headache this morning; I think it might have been a cleansing effect. So I had 1/8 tsp of cayenne in a glass of distilled water, and the headache was gone in just a few minutes.

Today, I packed a little less food -- I thought that with the avocado and the nuts, I was getting a bit too much fat. So again, after four minutes of stretching exercises, I started with sole, and a couple of bananas. For lunch some juicy grapes, and then some blueberries. I tried to leave about an hour between each snack to allow time for what I ate to get out of my stomach before eating again. Then some Romaine, and I again found it quite yummy all by itself. I am about to have some tomatoes, and later I will have more jicama and another avocado. That will do it for today, and I am totally not hungry nor do I feel deprived, and I have plenty of energy.

I am feeling great on this, the second day of mono-mealing.

More tomorrow...