12 April, 2010

Day Five

Sunday was hard because I was at home alone most of the day with pretty much nothing to do. Not because I was hungry; I wasn't. I was just bored. I kept pacing and wanting to make a recipe; but I didn't. So I read a lot, and started some beans on their sprouting adventure. They should be ready in a couple of days... but it didn't register that they were mixed beans until after I started them soaking, so they technically won't be mono-mealing, but hey, sprouts is sprouts, no?

I started the day with sole, as usual, and then I had some Wheat Grass Juice. I have been growing wheat grass in my window, but it wasn't tall enough; I think it is not warm enough yet for it to really grow well. But I cut the whole tray and put it through my new Hurom juicer. Then I put the pulp through again. Then I tasted it. Bleccch! I'm just not used to that much GREEN! So I juiced an apple to mix with it. That was actually quite good. Just not mono-mealing... But I got lots of clorophyll, and I know how good that is for my bod. A while later I had some raisins that I had dehydrated myself. They were big, fat, juicy grapes, and it took 48 hours to dehydrate them, and some of them were still quite juicy. By 11:00 I was ready for some strawberries, and at 1:00 I had some more green leaf lettuce. At 2:30 I finished that jicama, and went off to church. When I returned, I had a zucchini and finished off the day with an avocado. Oh, yeah, and the scale was down another 1.75 pounds. Yesssss!

Now, I know that a lot of people actually LIKE straight wheat grass juice, so it just might be that I will come to like it as well. I will definitely keep it up.

So now, it is Monday, and after stretching a bit, and drinking my sole, I put some red grapes through the juicer, and had a most delicious grape juice to start my day. Later I had a half a cantaloupe -- my first for the season -- I love melons. And we need to be sure to eat melons alone. Of all the fruits, they go through the stomach lickety-split, so you don't want to mix it with other things or they will just hold up the process. At 10:00 I had some really yummy blackberries, and at noon some Romaine. Do you know how to make Love Salad? "Lettuce Alone!" HaHa! I am really getting used to that, and enjoying it. 2:00 a tomato, 4:00 a cuke; and at 6 an avocado.

I am really happy with this; I have been cleansing even more than before. If I feel hungry between snacks, I drink distilled water. Oftentimes dehydration can make us feel hungry, when we are actually thirsty. Try that sometime; when you know you have eaten enough, realize that those hunger pangs might just be thirst, and have a glass or two of filtered water. I bet you will be surprised at the results.

Okey-dokey; that's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow...

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