10 April, 2010

Day Three

Third day: Awoke with the slightest hint of a headache, but didn't do anything; it went away after I started to move around. I had released two pounds since yesterday morning. [BIG Grin]

As usual, I started the day with stretching exercises, then had a glass of sole. That's pronounced "solay" and it means "sea" because it is salty water, like the sea. Our adult bodies are approximately 70% salty water; the earth is 70% sea water.

So on to breakfast: I had the three remaining ripe bananas -- they were spotted like an ocelot, but still firm and sweet and very good; then some grapes. After that an apple, then a tomato. In a few minutes I will be having a cucumber, then some green leaf lettuce, 1 cup of diced jicama (it was a big one, and I need to eat it, and it still tastes good to me). After that I will have a couple of carrots and an avocado. That seems to me like a lot of food during the day, but I am definitely not stuffing myself, and I am feeling great!

More Monday; have a great weekend.

Peas and Hominy,

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